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Our formulation services provide an innovative resource to the agriculture industry because we are one of the few research contract organizations that develop and define customized formulations for all crop inputs. Below is a list of formulation services APF provides.

  • Define detailed formulation strategies for crop protection products both dry and liquid
  • Develop and prepare crop protection formulations
  • Prepare lab scale trial formulations for evaluation
  • Evaluate and define physical and chemical properties for formulations
  • Evaluate formulation physical and chemical stability
  • Study product compatibilities
  • Determine AI content
  • Optimize formulation manufacturing procedures
  • Prepare manufacturing procedures
  • Define active ingredient specifications and qualifying potential sources
  • Define raw material specifications and identify sources
  • Develop cost estimates
  • Troubleshoot and resolve formulation handling and tank mix problems

Providing a Wide Range of Agrochemical Solutions and Innovations


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